The Erotic Porn Blog (ex Johnnydick.com) is a chic and cheeky erotic porn blog, on another way, for ladies and men, offering a range of beautiful photo, gif and video styles. All about the art of love, for women and men, who are curious about sex aesthetic erotica and porn imaginary.

Since ever I love sex, eroticism and porn. But always a little bit unsatisfied with lot of sites, who are too poor for me and with a lot of pop-up or too much traps, full of time not clear, and so much sites working so bad on smartphones. So I was dreaming about a very clear site, working good both desktop and smartphone, where I can find everything good, photographs, gifs and videos.

And never forget: Love is never dirty! Our body is the privileged place for the expression of our emotions and our love. Sexuality in love is not only clean and natural, but is a sacred dimension. So enjoy!

In the Erotic Porn Blog all pages are optimized for mobile devices with high page speed score to offer you the most comfortable experience.

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The Erotic Porn  blog born in June 2017

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